Samarpan has been working towards enhancement of Government schemes, facilities and awareness for the people of this area consecutively. For which we conducted a meeting for marking issues and took decisions and wrote letter to the concerned department for the purpose of fulfilling the demand. We took help of RTI and FRA Act with the support of media, Panchayat representatives, etc. then we approached following schemes and provided these facilities to the people:




No. Scheme/Facility No. of Beneficiaries
1. Admission in Kasturba School 05
2. Pension Scheme 13
3. Poultry Farm 08
4. Goat Farming 08
5. Kanyadan Yojna 06
6. Birth Certificate 05
7. Birdha Pension 08
8. Indra Aawas 45
9. Sukanya Scheme 01
10. Mamta Wahan 11
11. Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna 01
12. Laxmi Ladli Yojna 02
13. Ration Scheme 13
14. Toilet Construction 361
15. Maternity Plan / Janani Suraksha Yojna 04
16. Disability Pension@Certificate 04
17. Food Security 05
18. Joining of Splintered Children to School 120
19. Girls Bicycle Scheme 01
20. Intervention on information and matters of 1098 128
Medical 22
Shelter 02
Restoration 23
Protection from Abuse 19
Child lost & found 13
Parents asking help 20
Referred by another CL 04
Others 25
21. Forests rights lease 35
22. Use of Right to Information Act 08
23. Repairing of tube wells 12
24. Solar light 08
25. Permission for up-gradation to High School 01
26. Operations of pragya Kendra/facilities/installation 01
27. Child Labors joining mainstream of education 02
28. Water connection 360
29. New Bank Account 29
30. Scholarship, Dress, Book 330
31. Aadhar card 336
32. Open saving account 22
33. Maintaining hygiene and using toilet 350
34. ODF declared panchayat 1
35. Model AWC 02
36. Mata Samiti Activation for PSE 10

Some other special Achievements/Outcomes

  • Continuous appeals have been made to provide health benefits to the people of the region by establishing contact with the Sahiya, ANM and Anganbadi workers, etc.; they all were also included in the programs. Then gradually everyone seems to be realizing the concept of being healthy. ANM Kaushalya Devi of Dhohakola Primary Health Center started living at the center and started giving service over the time. Although, need to work more here.
  • In yojana Banao abhiyaan our team members act as an instructor, for this we are very happy and many things we learnt from this activity. We have already done all these activity in yojana banao abhiyaan that they are doing in the villages.
  • Our team has been trained through unlearning-relearning process. All process and compile report is placed in our office for future strategy.
  • Time to time highlighting the issues and liaising with concerned departments, to communicate with department through media advocacy. Doing these type of activity positive rays or results are coming out like Repairing of Hand pumps, Schools are now active open in timely, distribution of books and school dresses, School of Bhula Tola and Nawadih Jungle schools are active, Enhancement in enrollment of children in school, Those schools who are closed on Saturday are now re-opening on Saturday, The arrangement of MDM is now regular in schools, ANM are regular in PHC, AWC are opening regularly.
  • Developing understanding skills through this training and development of personal skills/experience, learning and analysis power and notions as well as observed knowledge of reporting, micro planning, case story, press-conference, paper presentation, etc.
  • With the approach to Mukhia Smt. Bishni Devi and the villager we have organized a meeting to upgrade the status of students and teachers of middle School to high School. For making this active Baal sansad wrote an application and post card campaign to our Education Minister, DC and Chief Minister.
  • The name of Turia tola of Bangalkhar has been changed to Shivtola. The breakthrough of alcohol wasting their hard earned money in that and unnecessary oppression on children and women has been a tradition in this area. This has been banned now.
  • In the Chilingia School only 8 to 9 children were coming but now due to our efforts 55 to 60 children are coming.
  • We checked the quality of education of 40 schools of Koderma district under the survey of Asar 2016.
  • 6 students from TISS, BHU Banaras & CSRD got successful internship training from
  • 37 complaints had been disposed. We initiated actions against women domestic violence and issues of Human Rights and get justice to the victims.
  • To initiate the ‘Padhna Ab nhi Kathin Hai’ Program and executed it successfully and 360 drop out children of slum were again enrolled in the school.


Initiative for Vidyalay chale chalaye abhiyaan


  • We help and support them for the enrollment in School through vidyalaya chale chalaye Abhiyaan and 150 new children got enrolled in school.
  • We find out/ identify needy children for enrollment in school and counseling their parents.
  • We organize school-based activities for joyful learning.
  • Formation and Reformation of child parliament at school level.
  • Regular meeting with child parliament and SMC and debate on their role and responsibility.
  • Now the school of villages is also active and rural people started sending their children to the school regularly.
  • People of Shiv Tola, Kushahna, and Haraiya and SMC now raising question for lack of school, teachers and Anganwadi in their village. 4 school of Dhodakola and 5 school of Dhab BAL sansad are playing an active role in school.


3 new villages(tola) discovered: Vaccination for the first time under the Indra Dhanush program

When efforts were made to understand village society by PRA through social mappings and other tools in the panchayats of Mica Mines area, then it was discovered that in that mid of the jungle, about 2-3 km away from the village few peoples are living there. The people of the region have named there area as Phutlaia, Ambatari and Asnatari. Then we visited all the three areas to understand the situation. We were shocked to see the people living in that dense forest, narrow trails, and life without any resources. That time it came into mind that these people need immediate help. It was matter of great pleasure that where Columbus and Vasco de Gama discovered America and India, we too discovered three new villages. Further we contacted the representatives of the local panchayat and added them with the Dhodhakola panchayat. Gradually voter card and UID card of all of them is being made.

There were no proper road to reach these villages, people used to go through the dense forest. During the rainy season these inaccessible ways also gets blocked. This was because these are rivers and drains in between but no bridges over them. It seems that these people have come from other places and settled here, they pass on their life picking up Dhibras. In this village nobody has come from outside to share anything regarding health or education. Due to which the condition of this place is critical. The people here are not even aware of vaccination of pregnant ladies and children, education of children organizational delivery. During our Rainbow Program we took ANM Kaushalya Kumari with us and get 70 children vaccinated of the age group of 0 to 5. Today the people of that village get regular vaccination for their children. 7 children of the village have been registered in a school 3 kms away from the village and they are going to school regularly.

With the support of the local head of the village (Mukhiya) and the local BDO aadhar card and voter card of those people were made. Work on forest lease is also in progress. These places are full of problems which need to be worked upon.

Initiatives action for livelihood under the Engagement process:

  • According to the requirement and the data we make a strategy for livelihood. We kept PRA tools as a resource in our office for future strategy.
  • Supported those people who want to another business like piggery, goatary, Poultry etc.
  • Connecting/ linking people with different Govt. schemes.
  • Active participation in Yojana Banao Abhiyaan and point out the issues. In this program people call us to help them for making social map, because before one month same activity we had already done in the villages.
  • Provided the alternate engagement of Income as well as monetary help. In this course some of them were started grocery and Manihari shop for their livelihood.


List of Active Clubs/group:


SL. No. Formation of Club No. of Clubs/groups
1 Kishori Club 17
2 Baal Sabha 30
3 Baal Sansad 25
4 Mahila Mandal 200
5 Yuwa Club 12
6 Farmer Club 50


Networking and advocacy:


Presently there were no any liberal organizations in Koderma District. Once again we took decision with the support of Samarpan and Holy Family in respect to make networks towards district’s organizations.  After meetings and decisions we took decision to conduct regular meeting in a month.  Recently we have connected 8 organizations till now.


Awareness campaign on Govt. Policies, programs and Schemes through Nukkad Natak, Seminar, Symposium and other activities and events.


In this year our organization had organized nukkad natak and cultural program of various Government Schemes. In this context predominately people are lacking behind and unconscious of Govt. schemes and policies. We have done awareness program through Nukkad Natak program at Koderma, Chatra, Giridih, Palamu, Sahebganj and Bokaro with the support of PRD, DRDA, Gramin Vikas Vibhag, Nabard and Prakalp. Our theam of nukkad natak to mobilize the people on immense level towards  Mukhyamanti Laxmi Ladli Yojna, RTI, RTE, child marriage, Atal pension Yojana, Suraksha Bima Yojna, Pradhan Manti Jan dhan Yojan, Right to service act, Dhobha Nirman, Water Conservation,  Aids, Child protection policies, MNREGA, Superstition, Road rules, Voter Awareness etc. In the Year 2016-17 was being done following district wise program:


District Program held Participants (approximately)
Koderma 80 15000
Chatra 35 3000
Bokaro 10 3000
Sahebganj 20 7000
Giridih 10 8000
Palamu 20 8000
Hazaribagh 60 10000