A General body of 5 members that frames the policy of the organization governs SAMARPAN. The day to day activity are managed by a team of professionals drawn from various disciplines of social science who reports to the Secretary, Head of the organization everyday who in turn apprise the same to the executive committee, seek suggestions for better implementation and strategy drawn from various social background with a passion towards people’s development. This five member committee executes the program. The list of executive body members is given below:


No. Name of Member Post Address Qualification Expertise
1. Smt. Pramila Das President At+Post Sirsia, Giridih (Jharkhand) Mob: 9931110110 MA,

Dip. RD.

Dalit & Women Right expert (Dr. Subramanian Social Leadership Awarded)
2. Indramani Sahu Secretary At- Sundar Nagar, Post+Dist. Koderma (Jharkhand) Mob: 9934148413 BA & Mass Communication Social Activist & freelance Journalist. (National Media Awarded)
3. Raj kumar Verma Treasurer At- Guro

Post. Senadoni, Giridih (Jharkhand) Mob. 9931541679

BA. (Hon) Medical Practitioner & Social Activist
4. Aelina Hemrom Member At+Post.- Tisri, Giridih (Jharkhand) Mob: 9771704177 IA Para teacher and ST-SC Activist
5. Savitri Devi Member At.- Jalwabad, Post+Dist. Koderma (Jharkhand) Mob:  7070360832 MA Expert on woman issue and gender Discrimination