From the Secretary’s Desk :

Dear friends, donors and well-wishers!!

Greetings to all my friends and well wishers for the completion of 11 years of Samarpan!!
As you know that, Samarpan has been diligently working towards implementation of Child Rights and other social issues since last 11 years. We are pleased to share our achievements and experience of this year with you.
As we know that we have seen changes in the world for the last 2-3 decades consecutively towards positive and negative notions in respect to peace, harmony and equality of the nation thereby has scattered dreams of people.
One of the most strong base of Jharkhand is equality. It has created a good pattern of relationships among people and other social groups. A self reliance society and citizenship saves Child Rights. Now days, there is a struggle towards Child Rights in the world and this is also necessary for democracy for purpose of children’s happiness and their bright future. Whether it the matter of Koderma Mica Mines area or any other districts. Children are migrating from their home area to towns/cities for their livelihood by sacrificing education, health and family. This is an open challenge after cross checking by the United Nations. It is not too much; In the name of development many problems has been cleared out like field, unemployment, inequality, discrimination by caste and sex, violation against women and children due to which finally we got success after creation of stress, collision and challenges of ups and downs and spreading areas. It was possible due to strong teams and conscious works and determining to convert every con into pros. We have gained an ample experience and information. It is a matter of proud that thousands of people are now connected with their livelihoods. It was possible because of regular attempts, sincere hard work, following the principle, positive behavior and support of various companions. It will be continued further and we have to do many more things in this area in the coming days.
Best wishes to donors, agencies, well-wishers, supporters, local and administration & officers for proper guidelines and support. We hope that these activities will be continuing with all your support for us.

Thanking you all.

Indramani Sahu


Children are the present and the future of the country and at the same time they are vulnerable. They need their rights for survival, development, protection and participation. Samarpan believes that each and every child has their own strength and capacity. We want “irrespective of the situation, place or circumstances in which they grow up – to give the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves for freedom, justice with values of love and happiness”.



Samarpan gives vulnerable children opportunities to get Freedom, Justice, Love and Happiness. We do this through various programs, gathering with children, communities, like minded organizations and Government share our vision for a better future.


Strategy & Goal: Samarpan is working in mica mines of Koderma, Jharkhand for the improvement of Child rights, Protection issues, marginalized communities, through their empowerment, community based interventions and influences good governance for improving access and quality of services. This is done by collaborating with like mined agencies for building our research capacities, to strengthen evidence base, dissemination of findings, engagement with government and networks and supporting scaling up of effective interventions.