From the Secretary’s Desk :

Dear friends, donors and well-wishers!!

Hearty greetings from Samarpan to all my friends, and well wishers after completion of 15 years of the organisation.

We have succeeded to reach at doors of thousands of people with your support and cooperation within 15 years. Your valuable suggestions and guide at every moment and on each step insists our team to do our work in perfect way. Your suggestions and cooperation is incomprehensible because without it we cannot be succeeded to achieve our goal. Without your cooperation it was very tough to achieve our goal and serve people towards their empowerment

I would like to share with full joy that we have been learning through our experiences and practices which helped us to strengthen ourselves and helping in move forward on proper track. In this long journey of 15 years we become hopeful and strong which are helping us to develop strategy for future properly. Our motto is only for development of community in all aspects i.e. Nutrition, Education, Health & Hygiene, livelihood, etc.  Our team having empathy with community and feel their problems by heart which help them to formulate the strategy for their development goal. Our team is approaching with full devotion and strength for their development and trying to see smile on the face of these deprived people. They are proceeding forward in way of making strong and healthy democracy by creating harmony among the society, district which may help to reach near vulnerable and marginalized people. We are moving forward by making coordination, collaboration & good relation with local government officials of all departments and panchayats to achieve our goal. For these we are getting support from various donor agencies, Govt. departments, networks, and you all. And it became possible only due to work, devotion, transparency and honesty of our team. We have done many changes in our policies and strategies within the last 3 years to explore us in more positive way. In this connection our 95% transaction is through bank and only 5% is in cash is in our practice. FCRA has given us to establish a good practice and Action Taken Report of various funding agencies helped us in completion of documentation.

We are successfully moving forward towards our goal in perfect way with the help of your financial, social, mental and psychological support. I thank to our team members for their hard and devotion in work of. I also thank to all our donor agencies, supporters, friends and well wishers who are always providing their support to achieve our goal. You all having faith on us and I promise you that we will be always perfect on your belief.

I again thank to our donors, supporting organizations, our colleagues, village level workers, supervisors, administrative officers, documentation officers, project coordinators for their hearty support.

Thanking you to all.

Indramani Sahu