Cumulative Achievement of the organisation:

Advocacy, Awareness & rights

  • To undertake fact-findings, legal research, and policy analysis focused on women’s rights issues, particularly on the right to choice in relation to sexual autonomy.
  • To act as a legal support organization and resource center with a feminist perspective for other women’s groups, collectives, organizations, institutions, and individuals.
  • To create, publish, and distribute material pertaining to women’s rights, issues, and concerns.
  • To provide legal and other required assistance to women, especially abused women, as well as initiate legal action and intervene in legal issues pertaining to the right to choice and violence against women.
  • Male should participate in all domestic work without any hesitation male should aware about domestic violence and protect the female from it.
  • Organizing monthly meeting of all type of CBOs, AWC members, SMC and school teachers in villages
  • We are success to draw attention of district administration, government and politicians towards mica mines area.
  • Children groups are actively participating in decision making at family and community level
  • 156 persons got warm clothes in winter.
  • District administration took action on 36 applications during Janta Darbar.
  • Middle school of Bangakhalar has been declared as Upgraded High school after long effort.
  • A road has been construted from Dhab Chowk to Goriadih under PGSY. Roads from Karmikund to Ahrai, Gohaliya tola to Paswan Tola, Ghatwari tola to Chhath Ghat and Chilangiya to Yadav Tola has been completed with the help of 14th Vitt Aayog.
  • Roads from Asnatari to Pasiya, Chak to Dhodhakola, Kushana and Karipahari has passed and will contruct very soon. Road from Sapahi to chak has made by the Youth club by Shramdan.

Entitlement  & Government Services

  • Total 39 landless families got vanpatta and 192 applications are in process
  • Approximately 3000 people got benefited by different government schemes as Adhar card, Bank linkage, Golden card, Ration card, PMAY, Pension, Ujjwala Yojna, Vidhwa Pension, Bridha Pension, Disable Pension, Kutir udyog, MNREGA Job Card etc.


  • 5 Bal Bagaicha (crèches) are established in 5 villages Shivtola, Ghatwari Tola, Bandana, Karari and Pasia for 6 months to 3 years children where 110 children are enrolled and are getting 3 times food and protection for 8 hours.
  • During measurement through anthropometric tools we found 48 children are in Green Zone, 28 children are in yellow zone and 32 children are in Red zone. Among red 4 SAM children were referred to MTC Koderma.
  • 256 PLA Meeting were organised with local women’s groups on their health and sanitation. Also they aware for government facilities from AWC, PDS, Health centres etc.
  • Regular Home Visit Counseling to aware regarding health, hygiene & Cleanliness.
  • Now, Mata Samities are actively and participating in PRI during their planning process
  • We upgraded B and C category of AWCs for improvement with more effort and regular tracking of children. Initial Hand holding support would be given based on situation.
  • 85 % children in the age of 3-6 yrs are accessing PSE and availing other services through all the ICDS centers of project area.
  • Communities ensure regular monitoring and ensure PSE services on regular basis.
  • Provided medical services to 30 families who were poor and unknown about government facilities.
  • There was no trace of health facilities in the area, but now some mobile medical facilities are moving in area. Now the health center of Dhab and Dhodhakola is opening
  • regularly. Vaccination is also continued.


  • 24 children groups are formed and empowered through training and workshop regarding their rights. They are always raisin their voice on local issues to ensure Child Rights
  • Children are conducting their regular meeting to raise their voices at different level regularly on monthly basis.
  • 2 Days training has conducted to strengthen the children group members.
  • 2 Days training has conducted to strengthen the SMC members.
  • Members are calling toll free No. 1098 for any type of exploitation and to stop Child marriage.
  • 19 SMCs. Conducting regular meeting and 4 SMCs are actively playing their role to make good environment of school.
  • SMC members are now taking interest in SDP and monitoring schools and helping in enrollment of children and identification of drop out.
  • 12 days Enrollment drive campaign organized From 16/7/2019 to 28/7/2019:
  • Games materials were provided to 26 schools.
  • 5 centers were running for remedial classes where drop out children are being counseled and added to schools. 73 such children are now in school and 120 irregular children are regular.
  • Increased regularity of irregular children in A category of schools by 80 % and in B category of schools by 75 % focusing girl child and ensuring retention.
  • 65 children were go through Training of Peer Educators on life skills.
  • Community engagement with the school system has been well established in the realm of joyful education & strengthened of SMC leading to enhanced retention.


  • It was the first time when vaccination of animals in mica mines villages has been done and 250 goats were vaccinated.22 Families increased by 30% in their family income through goatery.
  • 100 families are supported directly or indirectly for gaotery and poultary.
  • 25 families are earning by fish farming.
  • 50 families has found hand holding support for small business
  • Madkani Kindo has increase her capital in a small shop from Rs. 10000/- to 40000/-.


  • Provided seeds for kitchen garden to 200 Households.
  • Vegetable cultivation has been adopted by 36 farmers in mica mine area are as: Kabrabut(6 Families), Garmundo(5 Families), Goriyadih(8 Families), Ambatari(3 Families), Mahuatoli(12 Families), Asnatari(3 Families) and earning cash by selling their vegetables in Domchanch market as well as in nearby villages. 3 farmers in Kushhana and Chak villages have adopted Shreevidhi for paddy crop.
  • Sunil Tudu of Chahalwatari has grown 3 quintals paddy in his first attempt.

 Water Conservation

  • To storage rain water for multipurpose uses, two stone and Bora bandh were constructed at Asnatari and Mahuatoli on streams.
  • 1 Roof water harvesting tank constructed at Khairatand village.
  • A check dam was constructed on a stream beside road with the help of department in Goriyadih.
  • Total 24 solar tank and 2 solar light were stablished through Mukhya Mantri Jan Jal Yojna with the help of department in project area.
  • 2 new hand pumps were established and 17 were repaired with our help in different villages.
  • Tribal villages Mahuatand, Saivatand & Kabrabut people developed well from chuan and 27 families have been using it.
  • Two ponds were dug with the help of department in Dhab and Karmikund.
  • 2 wells were made in Ambatari and Lengrapara from which 31 families are getting benefits from these. In Futliya , Asnatori, Mohuatoli, Padariya, karmikud, Salaiyadih, Nawadih & Chahalwabatari wells are under construction by the villager’s own approach.


  • NGOs are becoming unite in the district and their active participation during organization of Mica Mahotsav has proved it. At this moment Artists, farmers, players and handicrafts were shown their art and culture.
  • A alliance of same minded NGOs is formed where all share their experiences. Others

The project progress in mica mines area was evaluated by Mr. Amod Khanna in Nov. 2019 in the following area:

  • Status of the area, activities of project, efficiency of team, skills & ideas, organizational development, expectations and future planning. He also suggested submitting new proposal on the basis of the fact findings for future.
  • 200 Kishore and Kishori are now showing their interest in monthly meeting to discuss their issues. Adolescents and youths know their role, responsibility and rights.
  • They are discussing among the peer group for education, health and encouraging their friends for education.
  • 165 children got Life Skill training to adolescents and they are playing role of leadership in their villages.
  • Now they are able to raise their issues to the authorities boldly.
  • Formation and strengthen of Kishor- kishori, youth clubs and Mahila Mandal and Capacity building for Initiative against exploitation of child and women
  • Continuously liaison with govt. at different level.
  • Organized special day celebrations i.e. World Hand Wash Day, Global Action Month, Friday for Future program, Human Solidarity day, Women Day, Teacher Day, Environment Day, Play Day etc.
  • A district level Mica Mahotsav was organized at Masnodih to show the traditional art and culture of Koderma distric.
  • 5 Community Library have been established at Hathuadharan, Karamtand, Kabrabut,Nawadih and Bishunpur.
  • 50 Samanta Sathi have changed their mind set and treating equally with daughter and sons and helping  in domestic work also.
  • 150 women got support for social justice and against domestic violence.