Cumulative Achievement of the organization:

CHILDLINE-1098: CHILDLINE is a project of the Ministry of Women and Child Development. CHILDLINE toll free 1098 is India’s first 24-hours free emergency phone service for children in need, care and protection. Any concerned adult or a child in need for help, may dial 1098, the toll-free number to access our services. CHILDLINE is not only responding in emergency but also linking them to services for their long-term care and rehabilitation. 

The goal of the CHILDLINE is to form a child friendly nation where children are looked upon their future and every child has ensured his/her rights to enjoy their childhood.

Samarpan has been working since 2016 as a Collab organization along with one sub-centers NGO partners RJSS at Satgawan Block in Koderma district.

Achievements in figures are as follows:

Sl. No. Type of case No. of Cases Sl. No Type of case No. of Cases
1 Medical Help 20 12 Child Lost 18
2 Shelter 22 13 Emotional Support & Guidance 06
3 Restoration (within the country) 23 14 Other Intervention 128
4 Child Marriage 19 15 COVID-19/CORONA 164
5 Child Labour 12 16 Total Intervention Calls 812
6 Child abuse 22 17 Case received from outreach 201
7 Child Trafficking 06 18 Cases received from CCC 119
8 Beggary 11 19 FIR 24
9 Others 17 20 GD 12
10 Sponsorship 19 21 CWC Production 86
11 Referred by another CHILDLINE 01 22 CWC Formation 103

Organization’s Efforts During COVID – 19

Corona Virus (Covid-19) affected life throughout the world. It affected not only life but also the world economy. The people of the Mica Mines Area of Koderma also affected most because their only source of livelihood is the Dhibra (mica scrap) collection is totally prohibited by the District Administration, Hence, they have no source of income and have no deposit to face this type of disaster for a long time. After declaration of complete lockdown all public as well as government activities were completely stopped which affected the people directly.

Our initiatives:


  • We provided dry ration/ relief materials to 3200 vulnerable HH for Six month.
  • Blankets & mosquito nets to 150 HH.
  • Dry Ration to 112 children at their doorstep for 1year.
  • 2 Health Camp were organized successfully at cluster level.
  • Establishment of Drinking Water Facility for 40 HH.


  • 174 children were Added with on-line classes.
  • Worksheet Distribution to 418 children at their door steps.
  • 622 children get learning kit for home study.
  • Sports material distribution.
  • Scholarship to 15 children.
  • Donated Rs. one lakh in the food bank of District administration.


  • 78 families linked with income generation activities (Masala Packing, Goat Farming, Ration Shop, Poultry, Stitching, Manihari etc.)
  • 400 HH received seeds for vegetable & crops cult0ivation.
  • More than 600 HH started savings of 2000 – 4000 per month through IGAs during Covid -19.

Other initiatives:

    • Identification of most vulnerable families.
    • Awareness against COVID-19 through wall painting, small meeting & other tools. 
    • Socio-psycho support.
    • Protect children to go in mica-mines.
    • Identification of helpless old age persons, orphans and physically challenged, who having no support.
    • Documentation and advocacy.
    • Orientation of staff by virtual training.
    • Coordination with local administration for relief.
    • Children who were wandering, begging and other needy were added to the DIDI Kichen garden.
    • List of migrated labour were collected and provided to the District Administration who could not come back home.
    • Prepared phone directory to keep in contact with community.
    • Reduce domestic violence through counselling by legal & mental support.
    • Regular support for survival of helpless old age, orphans and physically challenged.
    • Link migrated labours with MNREGA.
    • Engage students in continuous study and kitchen gardening.
    • Aware community to save environment & water conservation.
  • Remember this effort: 
    • Samarpan has been awarded the second position in Jharkhand as best 2nd implementing agency by NABARD 2020.
    • Bhikhari Saw a neglected old man from family was wandering helpless in Mumbai. He again able to meet with family and accepted by son with help of Samarpan. The incident provided nationwide recognition because the matter became viral in social media.
    • Samarpan is now member of three District level committee i.e., PNCP Task Fource, NYK Kriyanvan Samity & COVID Vaccination Task Fource.
    • Samarpan has ported community living in forest areas for cultivation as livelihood and forest products to be made as secondary source of livelihood which is helping in deforestation.
    • We organized two health camps at Bangakhalar village of Domchanch block & Hathuadharan village in Koderma block. 325 patients were treated for various diseases.
    • We have decorated 3 AWCs for modelling of Anganwadi Centers with the help of AWW and provided mat, toys, learning kits, chairs & table for Hathuadharan, Bisanpur & Muralipahari villages.
    • We are running 5 Bal Bagaicha (Creches) for 6 months to 3 years children in 5 villages i.e., Ghatwari Tola, Bandna, Shivtola, Karipahari and Pasia to ensure supplementary nutrition, health services, Mental & Physical health and protection.
    • 150 most vulnerable Mica HH received seeds and handholding support for Kitchen Garden in which they are saving 500–700 per month as well as selling the vegetables nearby market.
    • Total No of enrolled children were155 from age group 6 months to 3 years among them 52 children crossed 3 years and sent to AWC in the respective five villages.
    • Overall development of children (Physical, Mental, Social & Psychological) can be observed in growth chart which is maintained by crèche workers with support of crèche coordinator.
    • Creche workers are keeping them engaged through various activities of mental, physical and socio- psychological development.