Samarpan is as a campaign launched to bring the children & adolescents involved in the illegal mica mines of Koderma into the mainstream of education by freeing them. Some of us young friends started it together. Since then, Samarpan has continued to drive initiatives towards capacity building, fostering partnerships, livelihood promotion, ensuring entitlements, water conservation, and making a lasting impact on the health and rights of marginalized people.

At that time in our mica mines area, most of the children were malnourished had several health issues, and were not attending school. In order to educate the children, Samarpan started A Child Rights Awareness campaign in the Mica Mines area of Koderma District. At that time, Samarpan’s main aim was only to ensure child rights through a strengthened community. Now, Samarpan’s initiatives address issues related to Child rights, Women’s empowerment, Livelihood promotion, Water Conservation, Education, Health, Nutrition, and Social Security.

Samarpan believes in Indigenocracy, self-governance (Gram Sabha) self-dignity, and freedom with the equal and active participation of women, youth, and excluded communities. Also, the expansion of joyful life to every human being with the conservation and preservation of Natural and Cultural heritage.

Meaning of SAMARPAN

Samarpan is a Hindi word that means Devotion, Dedication, and Commitment. Our services are for those who are backward and deprived of basic needs for their lives i.e., Sustainable livelihood Education, Health, Social Security Schemes, and Water. We extend our service to strengthen the love, respect, and rights of needy people to connect them with the development and mainstreaming of the community through participatory approaches.

After a continuous struggle, Samarpan’s work these days expanded to other areas of Jharkhand and UP.  We are working with the support of PHF, TDH, TDH Foundation, RMI, CIF, Welspun Foundation, JDF, Azim Prem Ji Foundation, DASRA, Nabard, MWCD, and Govt. of Jharkhand.

Samarpan is linked with a lot of states and district-level networks such as CSNCR, CREJ, FEM, AIH, GNB, Dhawa Dal, Sponsorship and Foster Care Approval Committee, School Monitoring Committee, Mahila Koshang, ATMA Management Committee, PC & PNDT Advisory Board, NYK Program Advisory Board, District Task Force (COVID Vaccination), etc.

Mr. Indramani Sahu: General Information

Mr. Indramani Sahu is a special identity in the Koderma district of Jharkhand. While studying in college, he joined an NGO and started working to organize people. Later he participated in many public movements on local issues. Later, in the year 2006, to expand social work, he formed an organization named Samarpan. Which is a child-youth-centered organization. It has been working in many districts of Jharkhand with its vision and mission for the last 19 years. All the employees working in this organization are educated and experienced grassroots professionals.
Mr. Sahu graduated from Giridih College in the year 1996 and later took a degree in Mass Communication. He has been doing freelance journalism on social issues for the last two decades. He has also received the National Media Award for his special writing work on social issues.
He is the founding member and secretary of Samarpan. He has over 28 years of experience in the management and implementation of development projects supported by government, national, and international agencies.

Overall, they as a proximate leader, a former child labourer founded Samarpan to promote forest preservation and advocate against violence towards women. Samarpan aims to break the cycle of poverty using a rights-based and agency-building approach. They unite and support women, youth, daily wage laborers, and mica miners from particularly vulnerable tribal groups and OBC communities and focus on education, forming women’s and farmers’s collectives, and creating safe spaces for youth. They aim to build an egalitarian society where values of love, prosperity, and happiness temper freedom and justice.

Our Vision

An egalitarian society where there is freedom and justice tempered by values of love, prosperity, and happiness.

Our Mission

To organize the exploited and oppressed people so that they could control natural resources, work to decentralize children, young and people (CYP), self-rule, and self-reliance to bring in an egalitarian society based on freedom and justice this should be tempered with values of love and happiness.