2020-21 has been a successful year for Samarpan. This year, our primary focus was on COVID -19 relief activities along with child labour elimination, medical camps, alternative livelihood, village upliftment and income generating activities. Each of the initiatives have had a lasting impact on several communities. I thank our distinguished Board of Trustees and Advisors for their rich and valuable insights and continued support. The achievements of the last 16 years would not have been possible without our dynamic and passionate team. Your valuable suggestions and inspirations help us to move forward towards the goal of organization. We are working in the area to draw smiles on the faces of deprived and marginalized people by working together and are succeeding to do this by mainstreaming them. I wish to thank all my senior colleagues and the staff, who have been committed despite the challenges that faced us this year.

The new financial year moves along in tumultuous and uncertain times. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will tide over these with the relentless efforts of our dedicated team, guidance of our experienced Board and support from our trusted partners and donors.

Our motto is to develop community in all aspects i.e., Nutrition, Education, Health & Hygiene, livelihood, etc.  Our team has empathy with the community and feel their problems by heart which help them to formulate the strategy for their development goal. They are proceeding forward in making strong and healthy democracy by creating harmony among the society which may help to reach near vulnerable and marginalized people.

We are moving forward by making coordination, collaboration & good relations with local government officials of all departments, panchayat leaders, village leaders to achieve our goal. We are also getting support from various donor agencies, Govt. departments, networks, community leaders, volunteers and all of you. We are proceeding to achieve our goal by working with full devotion, honestly and completely maintaining transparency.

I thank all of my well-wishers, supporters, donors, Govt. officials, staffs, PRI members community leaders for their regular support and advice,

Indramani Sahu