No. Project Name Sources of Finance  Project Started year No. of Villages covered/ Block & District
1.       Ensuring Entitlements and Dignity for marginalized people PHF, UK From  2015 20 Villages in Mica mines area of Koderma
2.       CHILDLINE CHILDLINE India Foundation, Kolkata From  2016 6 Block of Koderma District  (as  Collaborative  org)
3.       Awareness campaign on Govt. Policies, programs and Schemes through Nukkad Natak, Seminar, Symposium and other activities. Govt. of Jharkhand From 2006 6 District of Jharkhand
4.       Ensuring children’s right to survival and development terre des hommes-Germany From 2018 4 Villages in Mica mines area of Koderma
5.       Improve the socio economic status of community by promoting formation of WSHGs, farmer club and other CBOs NABARD, Jharkhand From 2012 4 blocks of Koderma District.
6.       Community Empowerment Project BJUP/RMI From June 2019 10 Village of Koderma & Domchanch Block
7. Swadhar Greh MWCD From March 2020 Hazaribagh Dist.
8. Ujjawala Home MWCD From Oct. 2020 6 District of North Chhoto Nagpur
9. LEDP NABARD From 2018 Jainagar Block of Koderma Dist.